Finishing Fossils & Whispers

August 3, 2015

translucent Gampi-shi over printed images on Rives

On Friday, Cat and I finished our book edition, Fossils & Whispers. It is an edition of 20 small, 3.5 x 5 inch artists books, printed and typed on Rives Lightweight and Gampi-shi. There is still some small work to do in order to get the book in the final editioned state, so we will release the book when that work is finished. I currently have one book that I can use for teaching and showing to students and interested collectors. I am really excited about this project and will definitely write about the process in a longer post.

the center spread of Fossils & Whispers

After these past two weeks of intese work, it was nice to spend this weekend relaxing and catching up on some rest. I have really enjoyed slowing down and appreciating the effort that we sustained in order to create Fossils & Whispers, and am already pumped to make another artist's book soon.

Book Arts Residency Update

July 26, 2015

After a full week in the studio, Cat Snapp and I are well on our way to finishing the printing of our book pages. The next part of our efforts will include checking all pages for accuracy and quality, making sure that anything I hand-typed is correct and lines up as it should with its corresponding page. After this, we will begin to build the book block by folding and sewing our pages together in the correct order, then trimming off the excess edges.

After this we will glue in the body of the book to its front and back cover, including end sheets. This will be a long process as we will have to wait for glue to dry and will have to press the books with weights to secure and ensure the craft of the process. I am excited to see it all come together and can't wait to hold it in my hands.

checking the mockup against a stack of prints before typing the last line of text

Today in the studio, I will be typing the colophon. Thirty-five times. I think I'll need to eat a good breakfast.

Residency and Book Progress

July 19, 2015

The time has finally come for Cat and I to print our book! We have been communicating back and forth for almost a year using e-mail, Skype, Dropbox, and packages sent back and forth to one another in order to get ready for this. To finally be in the same place has been well worth the effort. Our thoughts and work together are uniting and it is a joy to see the book finally coming into its own, bit by bit.

working on book text and imagery for the mock up

We are just starting this journey, as we will begin printing our imagery on Monday in the shop. We have a ways to go, but with our residency at the Southwest School of Art Book and Paper Arts Studio, we have plenty of space to work and options to pursue to get our book to its final, best form. I think I speak for both of us when I say that we are excited to see how it turns out. So far, it has all been dreams and drawings, typed text and journal entries to one another. It is going to be fabulous to smell the ink, to fold the pages, and to sew the bindings. Pulling a physical form out of every idea that has been our shared goal will be satisfying.

Printmaking Video

May 28, 2015

I recently created a quick video that documents how I make a print, from etching to mixing ink to printing. It's a very shortened version of the process, but if you've ever wondered what the printing side of the creation of original prints looks like, here is a quick peek into how I work. Enjoy!

Two Minute Printmaking from Nicole Geary on Vimeo.

Spinning plates

April 25, 2015

Though I should be doing several other things right now, including packing up my jeep and at least grabbing a quick shower, it occurred to me that the mess on my desk was indicative of the quick changes I'm performing recently. I try to take in a lot of imagery from texts, galleries, instagrams, student work, graffiti, diagrams - it all gets shoved down into the semiconscious world of what drives me to make images. It is very inspiring to see artists posting their work, but today I want to share with you the humdrum and gear grinding that goes into making.

April's tasks

Getting to the point where I can create means that I have to participate in a lot of other activities first, including teaching. I've been really focused on the last few weeks of the semester, including grading papers and working on a final exam. It may seem monotonous to anyone who doesn't teach or doesn't like to teach, but it really gets me passionate and excited about the content, so I have to admit that I enjoy it, even if it cuts into my studio time. I'm also planning for this summer's round of printmaking classes at the Southwest School of Art, which I'm really looking forward to as the end of spring nears. I'm working on the application for the Intersecting Methods portfolio, and I'm also stuck to computer trying to get some work done for my ArtistLab residency. We have been working on organizing our financials, which will be a great help for next year's taxes. Finally, my Makerbot's extruder seems to have failed, so experiments are on hold until the replacement arrives. Though this is just a fact that I have to deal with, I can't help but feel sad about the hiccup in my workflow.

Thanks for reading about some of the things I do in order to make my work. I tend to spin a lot of plates.

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