Book Collaboration with Artist Cat Snapp

January 15, 2015

Cat making edits and notes on final drawings

At the very end of 2014, I had the chance to spend all day in the studio working on a project with my friend, Cat Snapp. Over the course of a few months of sharing Dropbox files and e-mails back and forth, we developed the idea of writing, drawing, and sharing work that will someday become an editioned artist book. Two weeks ago, Cat and her husband Mike had the opportunity to come through Texas on a trip to see family and spend an extra day just on studio time for our book project.

working on drawings together in my studio in San Antonio, Texas

My day with Cat was really invigorating and helped me see how time-focused one has to be in order to make successful work. When creating with a partner on drawings and goals, it was gratifying to have instant feedback on choices ranging from paper samples to what direction a drawing needed to go in order to make the cut. I found that the weaknesses I had were some of Cat's strengths, and in the wonderful symbiosis of teamwork on projects with other artists, I discovered more of my own voice and felt great being able to utilize it with a trusted friend. So much development happened in only one day that I can't wait to see what comes of our efforts when we get this book onto a press.

More to come as we keep going forward.

I'll only come to regret all the art I didn't make.

December 9, 2014

installing work at the Guadalupe

Today was install day for our group show at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center. I've been trying to document my working process with photos and some writing, but sometimes things come on quickly and I will write them or do them as soon as I can - after teaching or when I get home from work - or sometimes as soon as I wake up and remember what it was that seemed like such a great idea. I've started keeping a small sketchbook next to my bed, so that when I awake from these dreams that appear to have so much weight and meaning, I can write them quickly. It seems sometimes like art should be a reflex; to make something as fast as it comes to me, and stop fooling around with all this overanalyzing.

Anyway, please do come and see my new work. I'd really like it if you wanna discuss all the rationale with me.

December Exhibition

November 28, 2014

Our first exhibition as a group is coming soon. Fernando Andrade, Kim Bishop, Daniela Riojas, Luis Valderas, and I will present our latest work with the Artist Lab during the month of December.

Artist Lab: Inaugural Exhibition
Friday, December 12, 2014
6-9 p.m. Museo Guadalupe

Exploring the Outside

October 18, 2014

My time so far with Artist Lab at Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center has been thought-provoking and very new. The panel of advisors that we are working with are able to see concepts in my work and then make connections with other artists, practices, and movements, which feels like grad school maximized. This is an amazing opportunity to have experts looking at my work, giving me honest and guiding advice.

Texas wilderness area

I've since started to engage with a more experience-based type of artwork. Instead of looking inward for emotional solutions, I am trying something new and stepping outside of my normal practice.


I'm not necessarily thinking about the end result of the work, but about the process. Perhaps I've been too aware of the nature of print, and its inherent rules for production, and this has not allowed me to fully explore the wonder of the outside world.


Field Notes

September 16, 2014

A collection of my prints is currently on from September through October in the Waage Gallery at Minnesota State - Fergus Falls. The show is called "Field Notes" and is a series of twelve of my intaglio works that incorporate multiple plates and chine collé processes in order to establish a different story or history for each piece. Though the processes in printmaking are repeatable, I use them in such a way that the outcomes are unique. The reception is on Monday, September 22 and takes place from 2-4pm, during which time I'll be giving an artist talk and discussing my work further. I'll also give a chine collé demo to the printmaking students, which I am really looking forward to doing.

"Florida History" installed in Waage Gallery. Photo by John Cox.

If you are in the Fergus Falls area and have time to come to my artist talk, please do! If not, the show will be running through the end of October and the Waage Gallery is located on the M State Fergus Falls campus in the Fine Arts Center.

"Field Notes" installation view. Photo by John Cox.

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