Professional Practice

As an artist and educator, I believe in sharing my work and research with a range of people beyond the classroom. I enjoy participating in conferences, workshops, and demonstrations that further the dialogue around printmaking and the role of science in contemporary art.


Mojave National Preserve artist Residency, 2017

The spring of 2017 took me deep into the desert in southern California to explore the Mojave National Preserve as an artist in residence. I photographed my experience, treking through multiple landscapes, walking trails, roads, and igneous paths that led to the discovery of a completely new body of works. My show at the Kelso Depot, "Tracing the Former World," tells a tale of ancient landforms and my emotional and scientific response to their place in the world.


The Fondation des états-Unis: Paris, France, 2016

With an invitation from Jacob Leveton, I visited Paris in the spring of 2016 to give an artist's talk about my work. Concepts about deep time, the Anthropocene, and global warming are interesting, but what really excites me at this point is how much these ideas mimic or are associated with human emotion and complexity. In many ways, printmaking is the ideal medium with which to express these thoughts, and even lends itself to talking about geological "moments."


HospitalField Residency: Scotland, 2016

I spent three weeks in eastern Scotland traveling to major geologic sites that held important interest for me and my work. These visits and hikes fueled the work I created at the residency that followed, using the Kinpurnie Print Studio at Hospitalfield to begin a series of prints and pages that would become artist books and monotypes. While communing with fellow residents I developed several new ways of working that have continued to stay with me.


Spark box studio residency: canada, 2015

In August of 2015 I traveled to Picton, Ontario to participate in a wonderful residency at the Spark Box Studio run by Chrissy Poitras and Kyle Topping. The experience allowed me to explore my new surroundings completely unfettered, and to create several really intese monotypes inspired by the landscape of Prince Edward County. 


SGCI: Knoxville, Tennesee, 2015

I had the pleasure of chairing the panel "Printmakers and Geologies" for Laura Berman at the 2015 Southern Graphics Council International Conference. The panel assembled by Laura was full of extremely talented artists that all deal with the unique value of geological impressions and the remark of printmaking. Featured on the panel were Dr. Amanda Thomson, Laura Moriarty, Shawn Bitters, and myself.


Impact 8: Dundee, Scotland, 2013

I gave a talk about my work and its correlation to geology, based on the Huttonian principle of uniformitarianism; that histories we read in the earth's strata can be correlated interestingly to our own memories and scars. I was interested in sharing this deep connection between ourselves and the earth - an environmental awareness.